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Project Vertical NYC

Project Vertical NYC is a Hanover, Germany based group of TV-Journalism students looking for NYC based street artists for a documentary they are filming.  Here is some more detail about their project:

  • We are 11 students who are studying TV-Journalism at the University of Hanover
  • This project is part of a seminar, which is called cultural journalism
  • This field trip is a huge thing for us, because it is the first time we are able to make a movie outside of Germany
  • We will be in New York from the 6th of June till the 20th
  • Our plan is to accompany artists who produce their artworks in the sky, on the streets and in the underground of New York City
  • We also want to show the life of the artist, in order to answer the questions: Why is the artist doing what he/she  is doing? What is the purpose of his/her art and what is life like as an artist?
  • An artist can be anybody who is doing cultural things. It also includes actors, Dj’s or painters, sculptors …..
  • The documentary is supposed to be 30 to 45 minutes long

If everything works out, the film will be published on German public Television.

To be involved or for more information,
please contact:  Christoph Müller at



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