Once more I have the honor and the pleasure to curate the SPRING show so dear to my heart .. And, one, more time for me to create a world of wonder for the art lover to behold ..In placing your art work.

The definition of the word Transformations …
…Is a dramatic change in form and appearance, an alteration a mutation a metamorphosis.

And you are the TRANSFORMERS ..that will show your new vision of the transformation.

Spring, as expected, will burst forth as always with the new life, color, form and aroma, that is so awesome for us to behold.  Can we capture this in our art?

Is it the color, is it the form, or is it the sweet smell of the lilacs that make us love this season anew.  Which of the senses do we want to put forth in our creation in this spring of 2018 to make the viewer experience the transformation that has taken placed in us.  And in our ART.
The change in our vision from what we have experienced this past year from the devastating floods to the unquenchable fire, to the politics that is tearing our country apart.

So I hope that we as artists In our art work will show the change or mutation that is taking place in all that we see and experience and maybe so foretell what awaits us.

Sincerely yours,
Anna Annus Hagen
Chair of the Spring show 2018

Transformation Acceptance Letter (with full details)

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Transformation – Spring Member Show