New Vocies by Raquel I. Penzo

Saturdays during shows, BWAC hosts a reading series that aims to celebrate and savor the wondrous variety of Brooklyn-based wordsmiths–storytellers, playwrights, essayists, novelists, comics, spoken word artists, and poets. Curated by John Francis Istel.  

Phantastic Ekphrastic Tour – Saturday, October 24th @ 3pm

Previous Events:

Wk1: Leland Cheuk, Kim Coleman, John Francis Istel, Anu Jindal, Avram Kline, Raquel I. Penzo,  Jane Rose Porter

Wk2: Chris Campanioni, Hilary Sideris, Tantra-zawadi,Robert Whitehead, Rachel J. Bennett

Wk3: Brooklyn Community Storytellers – Georga Accola, Barbara Culbreath, Nadine Grisar

Wk4: Hal Ackerman, Camille Goodison, Cindy Hochman, and John Francis Istel

Wk5: Poetry Palooza

Wk6: Rising Surprises – Guest Curator: Charles Gariepy

Wk7: Class Action!

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