Persian Heartbreak 2017             Razi Mizrahi


Artist-in-Residence Show: Taking It to (and From) the Streets

Weekends and By Appointment

March 18 – April 14, 1-6 PM

In a social environment that focuses too much on “social” and too little on “environment,” all of us–citizens and artists alike–are struggling to find the best way to harness our social consciousness.

One approach to this dilemma will be on display this Spring in a show, titled Taking It to (and From) the Streets, in BWAC’s lower gallery, March 18 to April 14 (weekends, 1 to 6 pm). This is the culmination of BWAC’s experimental winter artist-in-residency program, to be open in upcoming winters to applicants from the membership. This year, member Razi Mizrahi exhibits a series of collages, using an array of found objects, that suggest a protest against ourhabits of disposability—both materially and interpersonally. Mizrahi’s small-footprint approach to art-making places the media itself at the center of the work—truly mixing up the “mixed media”–in abstract compositions that tame the detritus of the streets into artistic curiosities. 

Taking it To (And From) the Streets – Artist-in-Residence Show