BWAC Summer Member Show

“Palette Unlimited” is a true definition of the visual identity of BWAC. When I think of BWAC members, I see a palette of unending variety of imaginations, technical skills, and a range of colors which challenges both us and visitors alike! This fusion of art comes together again, this summer; to form the artistic expression and creativity that is BWAC in “Palette Unlimited”.
– Anujan Ezhikode, Show Chair

If you are a returning-to-BWAC artist, or would like to become a new exhibitor, you may do so at the show Registration times shown within the Acceptance Letter linked to here.  Print out the Artwork Submission Form to fill out when you bring in your artwork, or you may pick one up when you come to the BWAC gallery for Registration.

Palette Unlimited Acceptance Letter

Palette Unlimited Artwork Submission Form

Palette Unlimited
BWAC Summer Member Show