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NYC MFA Exhibition

Artist Talks
Sunday Oct 14th 2:30pm

Special Guest Artists:
Andrea Bass – CityCollege
Dana Robinson – SVA


Andrea Bass

CUNY – The CityCollege of New York

Why does Gloria Steinem look like Barbie?

My art dissects and reconstitutes about my own personal feminism portraying the incongruent ways that women grasp at and gain power. As casting director of my art, I appropriate Barbie, Steinem, Marilyn Monroe, and other icons as stand-ins for me and other females. I also created and employ a polygonal character named “Wretched Sister” (WS) who appears as cut-out from bright construction paper, but whose themes are for mature audiences, including child abuse, elder abuse, assault, and workplace marginalization. WS experiences her everyday life events (like poison ivy rash) as calamities, which “coincidentally” occur on the same date as actual catastrophes (like the assassination of John Lennon). Wretched Sister lives in real tabloid time zones, illustrating ways sensationalist current events serve as backdrop for our personal, ordinary lives. I try to be amusing if possible.

I live in New York City, and I recently completed an MFA in Studio Art at The City College of New York.


Dana Robinson

SVA – School of Visual Arts

Dana Robinson was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Florida, and received a BFA in Design from FloridaStateUniversity in 2012. Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist who combines, reproduces and deconstructs, vintage materials, found objects, and paint to address the topics of queerness inherent in black masculinity, femininity, ownership and the comfort of nostalgia.

Robinson has exhibited her work in the US and abroad, most recently Saint-Paul de Mausole in  the Saint-Remy de Provence of France, the SVA Flatiron Gallery Space in New York and the China Academy of Art in Zhejiang, China.  Robinson’s work has been written about in VICE, Queen Mobs Teahouse, Kolaj Magazine, and SarahLawrenceCollege’s Lumina Journal to name a few. Robinson is currently living in Brooklyn and pursuing her MFA in Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts.

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
2018 MFA Exhibition Oct 6 – 28th
Curator Wendi Gueorguiev, MFA

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