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IN THE GROOVE International Exhibition of Album Cover Artwork
May 12th – Oct 28th, 2018
Opening Reception:  May 12, 2018

“In the Groove” – BWAC’s national print exhibition of original album cover artwork will be on view for three seasons, from May 12th – October 28th, 2018.  The exhibition seeks to celebrate the mutually inspiring, creative relationship between music and art, and to recognize the profound cultural impact and influence of the art form itself, its trailblazing history and ever evolving visual and conceptual strategies.

Sal Cataldi – NYC-based musician and publicist, leader of the critically acclaimed Spaghetti Eastern Music, Founder and Creative Director of Cataldi Public Relations
Wendi Gueorguiev – BWAC Performance Series Coordinator, Exhibiting Artist

Opening day reception, Saturday May 12tH,  will include complimentary performances by
Richard X Bennett/RXB5 at 1:45 and Zoe Over Zero at 4pm.




Born in Brooklyn

by Ingrid Lundquist

BROOKLYN, NY…  Viewable on weekends through Saturday, October 28th, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) celebrates music-driven art with “In the Groove: International Exhibition of Original Album Cover Artwork.” The juried show features 41 groovy artists hailing from 13 states and 4 countries and spanning the age range from hip-and-cool-20-somethings to silver-haired-and-limited-hair seniors.

Staged in the trendy art-fueled Red Hook District, the show celebrates the fourth year of sharing the magic that happens when multi-dimensional music meets its two-dimensional graphic counterpart via watercolor, paint, pen, charcoal, pencil, pastel, block print, and photography. Unlike the horizontal shape which teases your eye to wander from side-to-side, or the vertical shape which insists you must search for a head and a toe, there is no escape from the square shape as it holds you captive, forcing your eyes to bounce from one edge to another in search of meaning. From bold and in-your-face to softly tapping on your shoulder, the imagery of the 12” square artworks hung on the white walls in a brick warehouse call up a symphony of visual sound humming “In the Groove.”

Many of the artists are musicians themselves as is the juror, Sal Cataldi. Cataldi is a NYC-based musician (leader of the critically acclaimed band Spaghetti Eastern Music) and publicist/Founder & Creative Director of Cataldi Public Relations, which is known for its imaginative and sometimes downright offbeat conceptual approaches to garnering attention for its clients.  “As a musician, and in my day job as a marketer/brander, I know that a great album cover is inextricably linked to the success or failure of a musician’s work and career.  The selection represent here is top-notch, something that makes me want to know more and hear the many artists featured in this fine show curated by BWAC.”

Curated by Wendi Gueorguiev, a NYC-based artist, designer, BWAC Performance Series Coordinator, the show is thoughtfully hung like a patchwork of sounds forming giant album covers. Some artists colorfully wrap the tunes of established or up-and-coming musicians, some reflect the artists’ favorite musical talent, and others play make-believe with scores from the cover artist’s imagination. The images reflect a variety of interpretations of the music from rock-n-roll and folk to classical and new age. Representing tunes like Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, Bruce Springsteen’s American Land, and Los Mambises’ Viva La Revolucion, the display of album covers vibrates like the percussion section of a symphony orchestra on steroids. “The visitors at BWAC have really lingered over the works in this this exhibition. Album covers were always piece of art you could own and gaze at for hours weeks months years decades. They are truly an Indivisible union of high and low art and never nothing less than an interactive experience on a personal psychic and sensual level.”

It is both fitting and pays homage that this multi-12”x12” show be found in Brooklyn, the birthplace of Alex Steinweiss (1917-2011). History books tell that Steinweiss was the first art director for Columbia Records and the father of the protective cover for the 12 inch vinyl 33 1/3rpm long playing (LP) records we have come to recognize to as album covers. Between 1938 and 1973, Steinweiss applied his knowledge of poster art to create between 850 – 2,500 album covers (numbers vary depending on which articles you read).

Album cover art first caught my attention four years ago in an art history class at a local junior college. I was so fascinated with studying album covers that I started creating some of my own. Three of my album covers were selected for the show. I’m proud to be among this group of artists which include professional graphic designers, art instructors, a biomedical engineer, poets, a retiree from the Aerospace industry, and many artists who are themselves musicians, singers and songwriters. They hail from Alaska, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, California, Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Australia, Canada, Spain and Taiwan.

Stop by. Take a look. Feel the magic. Sway to the beat.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ingrid Lundquist is an award-winning author, event producer and photographer based in California’s capital city, Sacramento. Three of her album covers were selected for “In the Groove: International Exhibition of Album Cover Artwork. “I am a street photographer fascinated with album cover photography and how the image is first captured and then graphics folded into complement the essence of the music. A rich new environment materializes when the audio is translated to visual in 12×12 cover art. It’s magically thought-provoking. See more of my album covers under “Portfolios: Album Covers for Songs Not Yet Written” on my website”


   – by INGRID LUNDQUIST (including images & artists’ quotes!)

In the Groove – National Print Exhibition of Original Album Cover Artwork