Artists Helping Artists:  BWAC is a joint effort accomplished by you, me, and all the other exhibiting artists.  Together, we produce, plus host, a series of free art exhibitions including member shows, juried shows, a video/film series, and free musical and spoken-word performances.

As a BWAC Exhibiting Artist:  You participate in a community of artists helping each other advance their careers. Working with your peers is the greatest benefit you receive. The more you give the more you get, so see you soon!  You are accepted into all member shows (Shows are open from 1-6 PM only on weekends.) You may also contribute to our weekly email newsletter as a way to help promote your career, and will be eligible for a 20% discount to enter our juried shows.

Becoming a Member:  You can easily become a member using our simple registration and payment option!  By clicking on “Buy Now” and completing the payment process, your acknowledge that you are agreeing to BWAC’s Terms & Conditions as follow:

I understand and agree that:
1) There are 12  hour volunteer hours for each show in which I exhibit.
2) At the end of the season, my credit card will be charged the work waiver fee for any hours due at $25 per hour.
3) On any regular art work sale, BWAC will take 30% commission with a $20 per piece minimum commission.
4) On auction sales, BWAC will take a 75% commission on all work sold.
5) What and how much work exhibited is at the sole discretion of BWAC.
6) No fees or prepaid work waivers are refundable.
7) Images of my art may be used in promotion of BWAC and BWAC shows without attribution
8) I donate to BWAC any artwork left past the specified pick-up dates after each show.
9) I exhibit at my own risk and will provide my own insurance if desired.

There is now an option for young artists, aged 17-29, to show for a reduced price! 


2020 New Membership or Renewal Fee $200 

2020 (Age 17-29) Membership Fee – $50

2020 New Membership or Renewal Fee $200.00 USD

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2020 (Age 17-29) New Membership or Renewal Fee $50 USD

[wpecpp name="Membership Age 17-29" price="50.00" align="center"]