Dominica PC

Dominica – After Maria

A Multi-Island Hurricane Relief Fundraiser in Support of The Commonwealth of Dominica.

For The First Time Artists from Dominica showcase works evocative of what it was like to live through a category 5 Hurricane and life in the aftermath.

The Salon Gallery Features:

Gharan Burton – Dominica 
Schadrach Burton – Dominica 
Petros Meaza Zewdie – Ethiopia/Dominica 
Carla Armour – Dominica 
Oneka Small – Barbados
Francks Francois Deceus – Haiti
Mercedes Nugent-Head – Guadeloupe
Johnny Camacho – Puerto Rico

Sponsored by Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC).

30% of Sales to Benefit Caribbean Emergency Disaster Management Agency (CEDMA).

Dominica – After Maria