Fall Show Registration Time

It’s time to reserve your date for Fall show registration and hanging. We hope you are inspired by this year’s theme of Fall In … Fall Out. As usual, we will reserve a special center aisle area for people with work that is on theme.

Sunday, September 8, from noon-4 pm (must be finished by 5 pm)
Thursday, September 12, from 4-7 pm (must be finished by 8 pm)
Saturday, September 14, from noon-4 pm (must be finished by 5 pm)

Artist Proof day will be Sunday, September15, from noon-4 pm

This show will also be a narrative show. In the past, artists and visitors alike have expressed their enthusiastic approval of the narrative that accompanied the work offered by our members. The narrative can be an explanation of the piece(s) or their process, or a creative companion to the pieces such as a poem, quotes or other writings. Please limit your musings to 300 words or less. Email your narrative in order for us to have it in time for registration, either within the body of the email or as an attached text file or Word document. Put “Narrative” in the Subject line. NO NARRATIVES WILL BE ACCEPTED IN PERSON ON HANGING DAYS.
Send your email to: bwacinfo@aol.com.

Register NOW: Reserve your day and time by clicking this link.

Each panel will be $50, the same as in the Spring show. This will be altered for next year, but for the Fall show, it is in place. Please be prepared to pay either by check, cash or credit card on the day you come to hang. No one will be allowed to hang until proof of payment and volunteer time is approved.

Here is the link to download the PDF form to bring with you to fill out the name(s) of your artwork to get your labels. Please remember that the selection and quantity of work to be hung is at the discretion of the curator:

Volunteer Time
Please remember that if you have not completed your annual membership volunteer time of six hours, plus your Spring show volunteer time of an additional 12 hours, you will be required to rectify the situation before you can hang your work in the Fall show. No one will be allowed to hang until all volunteer work is scheduled. Volunteer time required for participation in the Fall show will be 12 hours. Otherwise, you will be billed a work waiver fee as listed in the original member application.

You can schedule volunteer time when you come to hang, or if you enjoy staffing the gallery, there is a new online form for you to schedule your times and days now- click this link.
Please note this is only for gallery staffing (cafe, front door, runners) and not for site prep or other volunteering.

Volunteers (at least two or three per day) are URGENTLY needed for all registration days to assist in checking in members at the Station 1 desk (not taking money or making labels) and/or to assist members in hanging work. If you can work a shift during the days and times listed above, contact Joe: banishart@gmail.com.

For additional information, and news about a possible auction see last week’s email (hint: no auction wall, but maybe a live event).