BWAC’s Artists_Talk_Art presentrd artists talking informally about their work on display in the current exhibit, ESCAPADES.
Gallery visitors were invited to participate in a short Q&A at the end of each artist presentation.

Artists_Talk_Art is FREE and welcomes the public.

Fall 2018

Saturday, October 13th:

Victoria Boardman
Sandra Forrest
Faith Gabel-Simmons
Razi Mizrahi


The colorful and intricate drawings of Victoria Boardman are the outcome of meditative excursions. The carefully placed pen strokes are a visual mantra she uses to reach a transcendental state of flow. Peering into Victoria’s work, one is drawn to the delicate and colorful marks that brings forth a meditative state in the viewer.

The power and raw energy emanating from the paintings of Faith Gabel-Simmons is exhilarating. The pushing and pulling of paint across the surface reads like a seismograph of emotions. Although Faith’s approach to painting relies upon the serendipitous, the outcome is not playful. Faith’s use of titles to reinforce the message of a painting is clear in the outstanding work she titles Crash.

An art installation piece by Razi Mizrahi is constructed of books and creates a very complex experience. The bookstore-like installation is a collection of donated books on many subjects, and of many sizes and colors. It is made up of carefully composed multiple structures. Arches, slabs, plinths, and doorways rise from the collection of aromatic books. Razi’s goal of combining the physical and metaphysical is ingeniously realized.

Sandy forest has worked with stained glass for over 5 years and still finds it holds potential for experimentation. In this series she combines the traditional approach of joining pieces of glass with special paint applied to the larger expanses of glass. Sandy strives to preserve the luminosity and color of stained glass by minimizing the use of grout, and by painting in a miniature style.


Saturday, October 20th:

Nelson Alvarez
Roy Carrubba
Duane Stapp
Fritz (Steven) Weiss

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