Tiziana Mazziotto

My artistic inspiration is drawn from the natural patterns and effects created by the inevitable decay of man-made and natural surfaces all around us. While many see evidences of disintegration such as rust, lichen, peeling paint, and crumbling masonry as jarring and unpleasant, I find fascination in the development of random and natural evolutions that gradually replace what came before.

These patterns and textures, when observed with the artistic eye, exhibit the organic and ever-changing beauty present in nature. In fact, they represent the inexorability of nature’s triumph over permanence, and the endless possibilities and fascination in impermanence itself. In decomposition’s side effects can be found recomposition’s beauty.

Because of the recent events, I have not been using my studio space. I have been painting from home in my small apartment and I stepped back on smaller size canvases, and on more traditional subjects, for now with images on Red Hook.

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