Susan Malfa

My watercolor painting by nature of the medium is fluid and surprising. I find using watercolor a mash up of art and science. Experimenting with pigments and papers, gestures and brushes, the beauty of the medium’s transparency, the layering of colors and the light from paper, these all weigh in and contribute to the process. The painting process is difficult, exciting, and a journey. Water can’t be controlled. The outcome is often unexpected, different than working in oil paint.

I continue to learn and give myself permission to let the process guide the work. Each piece takes on its own expression and translation of my observation of the subject, the situation, light and color.

My landscapes zoom in or out on the subject, a tight cropped, almost abstract, flower or a landscape. Both are fresh, intimate. I am influenced by my favorite artists: line simplicity and bold color from Matisse; the loose style and mark making of John Marin; composition cropping echoes Georgia O’Keefe’s boldness. I want to deliver a fresh point of view, a pleasurable experience for the viewer.

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