Stephen Barber


Stephen Barber grew up in Detroit, Michigan dreaming of designing cars and learned to draw and sculpt exotic vehicles. However, he was disappointed with careers offered in the car industry and after 4 years in the Air Force he went to Wayne State University in Detroit and graduated with a BFA. Two years later he moved to New York to pursue a MFA at Pratt University. While at Pratt he had two exhibitions. A sculpture in the Brooklyn Bridge’s 100th Anniversary Show and another public art sculpture installed in Queens. It was also at Pratt that he met his future wife and his art career was postponed for family and two beautiful girls. He never fully stopped making art during this time although he stopped showing publicly. 30 years later he has now returned to the studio full time and restarted his career as an artist.

Artist Statement

The environment is a very important theme in my recent paintings. Not simply climate change, but also pollution, and the fact that we are living through and causing a period of mass extinction of animals and insects. The despoiling of the natural resources and the disregard for other living things is frightening. The decisions made today by governments, businesses and individually will have radical effects on future generations, but we do not seem to be able to think long term. I want to bring attention to these issues, but also display the robustness of life to change and adapt. It may be that the world will not be able to support humans in the future, but life will continue.

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