Ron Bourque

Hybrid – Photo-painting Without a Brush
A new direction for this artist/photographer: using a digital photograph manipulated by a Photoshop filter to create an abstract “painting.” Starting with a black and white or color image to establish the pallet for the painting, I can move and alter the original elements to a point where this is an entirely new abstract entity.

Early Seeding, Late Blooming
About sixty years ago I started photographing all the wildflowers I could find in Pelham Bay Park. By annotating my botanical photographs, I hope to add education to raise awareness of the great variety of wildflower species within our city.
Ever since then I have been using a camera to document not just the beauty of the natural environment but also the adverse ecological changes caused by our industrial society. By photographing large flocks of birds or rafts of ducks, I learned to better estimate their numbers.

Throughout my peregrinations along the miles of beaches in the Gateway National Recreation Area, I was always photographing anything that I found aesthetically interesting. Having accumulated thematic portfolio around sand formations eroded wood forms, I briefly exhibited them at Marine Park Natures Center. This was an experiment in my Rorschach-type of photography. It exceeded my expectations in that viewers were seeing many different objects and animals while looking the identical image. The titles I gave these Rorschach photographs were my first impressions which were changed by the viewer’s revelations. My next exhibition was mounted in the auditorium at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center where it remained on display for two months.

I was introduced to BWAC by Jessie and Dave Schulman. I have been exhibiting my work here ever since 2017. Whereas, in my portfolio of natural forms I used Photoshop minimally, I am now developing a new portfolio of abstract photo-painting using Photoshop filters extensively. This an entirely new directions for me in moving away from natural form.

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