Mike Olshan

A famous Yogi once said: “You can see a lot by looking!”
I have been looking at New York for decades with a camera in hand and see the most fantastic visions in plain sight that millions walk past without notice. These are my photo subjects, all shot on film with Leica and Pentax cameras. I say I am a zen dada photographer who uses humor, surrealism and the absurd, but maybe I’m just completely nuts and full of beans.

Mike Olshan is a New York-based journalist, editor and photographer who has been archiving 16mm film for over 40 years. He was formerly editor of the film/TV production journal Millimeter and of Videoplay Magazine. He’s best known as the screening producer and film show host Movie Mike. A film photographer who favors the use of high-end vintage equipment, Mike’s a Board member at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. He’s a frequent contributor of photos, copy and research for the forgotten-ny.com website. If you have a long memory, you might recall his Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy Kit ad in the National Lampoon.

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