Kathleen Dobrowsky

My name is Kathleen Dobrowsky, however, I draw/paint under the name of Kate Snap. I work in a digital drawing medium as well as traditional watercolor and acrylic painting. I use the digital medium because it is very free flowing and allows me to create images through a series of maneuvers, juxtapositions and layers to tell a story in the moment. Though digitally printed, my art is conceptual and derives from an intuitive process. I have a stream of consciousness approach to my work starting with a concept which then emerges in a drawing. The images are built from found and personal material and reflections. The digital medium is fairly new and challenges the audience to pay attention to a new narrative of contemporary art. I like that it can be used to mimic the style of other traditional mediums like watercolor or acrylic painting. It is also easy to incorporate other mediums such as photography into the drawings to enhance the experience. For me the concept or the idea should be the main focus, with the execution or style of the drawing serving to illustrate the concept.

I chose the digital medium because it allows me to offer my work to all, I can make many copies of each drawing without any degradation in the quality of the print in the process; each print has the exactness of an original with no loss of detail.

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