Joe Banish

Art, like roller coasters, seeks to present anyone along for the ride with a pleasant disorientation. The disorientation I have in mind is the link between art and science, and in particular, actual and abstract geometry. My work does this with a visual vocabulary of geometric shapes based on circles, squares and triangles. These shapes can also serve double duty as cultural, philosophical and scientific metaphors. For example, a square scratched into the paint on a canvas can be just a square, until it is suggested that it is a window; A circle is a ring, until it is realized that the circle has been employed for millennia as a symbol for literally everything (planets, stars, gods, etc.) and nothing (zero, infinity). Science tells us we don’t “see” with our eyes, but rather, with our minds.

Currently I am using three different mediums to bring these expressions forward: acrylic paint on canvas, photography and oil and ink resists on paper. Each medium provides an opportunity for unique textures unlike the others, but my sensibilities and approach to color and shapes remains the same, whether I am photographing (and abstracting) objects in the environment or painting and drawing them.

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