Jessica Schulman

The photographic work that I had done in my darkroom using traditional materials and the work that I am doing now using the computer as my compositing and printing tool are virtually indistinguishable stylistically from one another.

I have a self-admitted passion for lighthouses and am interested in all aspects of lighthouses, and am constantly looking for new and different ways to document what I see. The lighthouse is a near-universal symbol of safety and guidance that has helped mariners find their way home since ancient times. Although they are gradually outliving their usefulness, they are still epic monuments to human ingenuity and to their own resilience. I am currently a member of NELL (New England Lighthouse Lovers), and The National Lighthouse Museum in Staten Island, NY, both of which organizations work toward the preservation of these guardians of the sea. In my photography, my aim is to convey the emotion I feel coming these structures: their energy, and the feeling of what they once were.

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