Garfield Harry

I completed an art minor as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College where I was formally introduced to light, color, and form. I’ve been drawing all my life but shooting for over 2 decades; mainly landscapes/urbanscapes, and visual experiments with light, and perspective producing an extensive catalog from New York to Cairo.

My work has been exhibited in mid 2000 in several group shows, as a former member of BWAC, Reflect-Art in SOHO, and the Alice Austin Museum.

An eclectic career in advertising and the airline industry has helped shape my unique perspective which informs my work. I just see things differently. I’m drawn to dramatic contrasts that evoke emotion. My photography is the result of being open to seeing the intrinsic beauty in all things, especially the things most people take for granted.

My favorite thing, next to getting that perfect shot is when people stop to see what I’m shooting only to pull out their phones to get a shot for themselves. It feels like I’m silently reminding them to stop and notice the world around them. This is my return to BWAC and it feels good.

My name is Garfield Harry. I am a photographer. This is my art.

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