Artist Talk Series

BWAC Artist Talk Art Series: 
Saturday, October 26 

Four artists featured in Grand Installations: Spatial Relations will speak about their work
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Susan Salinger: Everyone Has an Interior Landscape, Except Me
in the second floor gallery
We perceive the world in terms of solid, tangible objects, but as the physicist Carlo Rovelli eloquently writes, “…even the things that are most ‘thinglike’ are nothing more than long events.” Susan states her installation is “an external representation of an internal dialogue.”Kate O’Hara: Opening the Canopy
in the second floor gallery
As an artist with a background in social science, Kate aims to capture the lived experience of her subjects, with 2 and 3 D representations of their situatedness: context within place and space. By using mixed media, her aim is that we may better understand who the subject is, their relationship with the world, and their relationship to ourselves.

Emily Joyce: Adderall
in the second floor gallery
With a degree in bio-chemistry and her art background, who better to discuss the connections between art and science than Emily? Here, she will talk about her installation, an observation that the drug Adderall chemically induces the same type of focus that artists display in their creative process. Where does science end and art begin?

3:30 pm – Paula Jeanine Bennett:
Stolen Thing
in the first floor gallery
Paula offers insights into her fascinating visual and soundscape installation that acts as a meditation and exploration of body movement and self-awareness.

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