Our first Maker’s Market last season was a huge success! If you would like to show your craft work with us or If you exhibited last year and want to continue this year please let Sandra Forrest know by April 15 by email at

Space is limited and last year’s participants will get first acceptance. Becoming a member of BWAC is not necessary to reserve table space in the Maker’s Market so you can invite your crafter friends to show their work. 

The fees for the spring, summer, and fall shows are as follows:

Spring and Fall shows:  $50 each and 15% commission to BWAC.  

Summer  pop-up show: $25  and 15% commission to BWAC.  

Non-BWAC members:  $100 per show and 20% commission to BWAC.

The season consists of the spring show, a summer pop-up show, and the fall show. You can be in one, two, or all three. Participants will be required to gallery-sit at least one day during each show. For BWAC members, this is in addition to your BWAC work requirement.

The spring show opens on May 9. There will be a tutorial on systems and procedures for the Maker’s Market on Saturday, April 25. You can set up on that day as well as on Sunday, April 26.

We are looking for ceramics, glass, jewelry, prints, mixed media, fabric arts, and fine, affordable, hand-made crafts. The table price range last season was $15 to $100.

2020 Makers Market