Myrna and the Bulldog – Sunday, May 13, 2:00-3:00 PM

0513 Sun 200 MOTHERS DAY Myrna and the Bulldog sq

If Myrna and the Bulldog were a drink they would be a chili rimmed vodka tonic with a splash of pomegranate. Their voices mesh sublimely.

Their catchy tunes and lyrics combine Americana and Blues, with nods to Mexican soul. Myrna’s sultry, bluesy vocals coupled with Daniel’s gravelly Texas twang make for an eclectic performance that’ll find you singing and dancing along. The award winning husband wife singingsongwriting duo met in Austin, TX back in 2004 and have been together ever since. Their onstage banter gives you a glimpse of two performers who aren’t afraid to bare their souls emotionally and lyrically. The pair come from their own distinct backgrounds.

Myrna’s career as an actress has landed her appearances on Orange is the New Black, Law and Order SVU, and Blindspot to name a few. Daniel comes from a long history of
Texas bred songwriters including Jimmy Rodgers, and distant cousin Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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