The RICHARD HOFMANN Retrospective at BWAC



Gallery Open Weekends  March 4 – April 16, 2017 (noon-5 pm)

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is proud to present the very first retrospective of a truly remarkable and significant body of work straight out of the mid-eighties East Village. A ceaseless and prolific painter, the art of Richard Hofmann (b. 1954 – d. 1994) provides an unflinching window onto the tragic world of the young gay artist caught up in the AIDS epidemic which devastated New York just at the time as this unprecedented art scene was blossoming.

This important and powerful retrospective includes over 150 pieces of work from Hofmann’s extensive legacy:  large oil paintings, mixed media pieces, watercolors, silkscreens, photomontages, etchings and woodblock prints.  Also included are many of his preserved murals which decorated historic 80’s clubs as The Pyramid, Limbo Lounge, Danceteria, The Roxy and The Saint.

See PRESS RELEASE for more details.

The Richard Hofmann Retrospective is on view to the public weekends from March 4 through April 16, noon to 5 pm.  This exhibition is presented in 10,000 sq. feet of space in the BWAC Gallery in Red Hook, a few blocks from Hofmann’s last studio. 

For further information, and to arrange a viewing, please contact:  917-603-2154 or



“Richard Hofmann was a gay man with AIDS who lived and worked in this time. If retrospective is powerful, the human story is wrenching. Because in sickness as in health, Richard Hofmann kept making art. Media and size varied, but his determination never flagged. He faced AIDS without flinching, and in his art at least, it never got the better of him.

Life was a different matter. Yet his final partner bought a measure of peace and stability, as well as supplies needed to sustain Hofmann’s art which continued even as he went blind. When he died, it was put away in a basement. Twenty years later, a chance conversation spurred Ellie Winberg, an artist and board member of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, to reach out with an offer to present the work. If this is Hofmann’s story, it is their story too.”

Unlikely Heroes: Life & Art at the Start of AIDS

Artist and show coordinator Ellie Winberg talks about a retrospective of the work of Richard Hofmann.

A&U – America’s AID’s Magazine

“The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition may have very definite geographical parameters but their vision and creativity are without limits. This year BWAC is mounting a retrospective of Richard Hofmann, an artist all the way from the East Village. The curator, Ellie Winberg, walks us through some of the more than 150 works on display from this prolific artist, who helped define the New York art scene of the 80’s and 90’s.”

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