2019 DISCOUNTED RATE is here!  See below…   Artists Helping Artists:  BWAC is a joint effort accomplished by you, me, and all the other exhibiting artists.  Together, we produce, plus host, a series of free art exhibitions including member shows, juried shows, a video/film series, and free musical and spoken-word performances. As a BWAC Exhibiting Artist:  You […]

Past Events

2018 PERFORMANCES & EVENTS   PAINTING TO SURVIVE EXHIBITION CLOSING DAY - SATURDAY APRIL 14, 2018       2:00-3:00 NYOBS are Peter Cramer, John Michael Swartz, Jack Waters, MikeCacciatore, and special guests. An alternative experimental free association“kitchen“ band born at Punk Island 2014. From trance lyrics to primal screams, NYOBS pierces the restive soul with mind-blowing inducements of […]