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BWAC Newsletter:
The BWAC Newsletter is a weekly publication. To have the newsletter delivered to your inbox, please contact BWAC Newsletter presents BWAC news and deadlines, announcements of the art activities of BWAC members and opportunities open to them in the art world.To submit an announcement, send an e-mail to Marvin Schneider at . Only submissions that are sent to this address will be considered for inclusion.Please put your announcement into the body of the e-mail and not in attachments or in picture format. Formatting guidelines: keep text simple and avoid abbreviations, bold fonts, display fonts, underlining, italics, centered alignment and color. If possible use Arial 12 point font. Please write “For BWAC Newsletter” in the subject of your e-mail. Each week the issue is closed on Tuesday night.Announcements are not automatically repeated week after week until the future date of an event, but should be submitted each week separately.
BWAC Forms: