[C U R R E N T   E X H I B I T I O N]

[clockwise L/R: Figure Dreaming by Janet Rothholz, Washington Square Park by Sandra Wayne, Untitled by Yao Li, After Renoir by Mallory Gottlieb, Digital Snow Flakes by Eileen Haritonide , The Red Tree by Karen Klinedinst]

Imagine This (September 27 - October 26)

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Imagine asking artists, already known for their beyond-the-boundary imaginations, to create something new and cutting-edge, something that takes them out of their comfort zone and into a new dimension of their art. Well that's exactly what the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) asked their 200+ exhibiting artists to do for their Fall Show, Imagine This. And if it has viewers scratching their heads and asking that enduring question, "What Is Art?" -narrative pieces will accompany the work. If you've ever wondered what an artist was thinking, this might be your opportunity to gain some insight.

Juried Smart Device Show (September 27 - October 26)

And the international juried Smart Device show explores imagination and creativity through the emerging technologies of the smart phones that we carry with us day and night. 200 works will be displayed on large screens.

Imagine This Winners:

Installation & New Directions in Photography (September 27 - October 26)

[Mother Earth by Dalit Gurevich]
The Ground Floor gallery will be completely transformed by the dozen giant site specific installations, some with sound or video, some interactive. A separate photography section explores the new directions photography has taken.

Art in Clay II (September 27 - October 26)

Art In Clay II: Figuratively Speaking explores ceramics, evolved from their utilitarian roots and reinvented by regional artists as exciting, innovative contemporary art. Juried by Lily Wei, art critic, independent curator and contributing editor of Art News, it is a stunning show of 50+ pieces.

Art in Clay II Winners:

Red Hook International Film & Video Festival (September 27 - October 26)

Each year the Red Hook International Film festival gets bigger and bigger. And this year, rumor has it, it will be held upstairs!

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