Artists_Talk_Art – Spring Shows Presentations: May 19, May 26, & June 2, 1:00 PM



BWAC Artists_Talk_Art presents artists talking informally about their work on display in the current exhibits.
Gallery visitors are invited to participate in a short Q&A at the end of each artist presentation.
If you want to follow along and hear each artist speak, expect the entire program will take about an hour.
Artists_Talk_Art is FREE and welcomes the public.
Meet at the BWAC concert stage before 1PM.


Spring 2018 Schedule

May 19, Sat @ 1PM
Nelson Alvarez
Joe Banish
Roy Carruba
Leslie Jordan
Renee Radenberg
Zane Treimanis

May 26, Sat @ 1PM
Anna Hagan
Judith Eloise Hooper
Razi Mizrahi
Eric Pesso
Duane Stapp

June 2, Sat @ 1PM
Sandra Forrest
Susan Handwerker
Jeff Watts
Fritz Weiss