Material Matters 2017


What is art and what is design? Where is the line? Is there a line? When did the concept of functionality become antithetical to fine art? What is the role of design in art and art in design? Must we still refer way back to Plato, who identifies only music and poetry as fine arts, relegating the work of the hand as lowly materiality? Surely, nearly a quarter into the 21st century, we must re-assess our thoughts about where boundaries exist now. While we create new definitions for community, and new paradigms for communication, where do the visual arts fit in? We are surely bound by our materiality. Ours are the “too, too solid flesh” of the arts — actual, not virtual, art in three dimensions. We may be the last bastion of brilliance in designing the material world, and isn’t this the right time to celebrate that?

This year’s national juried exhibition, Material Matters, is work that explores ideas about form and function in work using clay, glass, wood or metal alone or in combination.

Our juror, Lilian Tone, Assistant Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA, selected several pieces from each artist which will be shown together to illuminate each artist’s vision and scope.

Exhibit Dates:  September 23 – October 15, 2017

Assistant Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA.)Lillian AbelLillian AbelMiya AndoLisa BattleLisa BattleLisa BattleCharles BirnbaumCharles BirnbaumHyein ChoHyein ChoKristen CoburnKristen CoburnDavid CortesDavid CortesChristopher FaheyChristopher FaheyAdrienne FiermanAdrienne FiermanOki FukunagaPriscilla FuscoPriscilla FuscoLynn GoodmanLynn GoodmanLynn GoodmanRobert GrissettRobert GrissettSusan HandwerkerJudith Eloise HooperJeong Yeon KimTrevor KingTrevor KingTrevor KingTrevor KingTrevor KingMargaret LauMargaret LauMargaret LauChris MaherChris MaherChris MaherCara Jean McCarthyCara Jean McCarthyMariann MegnaSylvia NagySylvia NagyFrancine PanelySarah PardoSarah PardoJanet RothholzJanet RothholzMichiko SakanoMichiko SakanoMichiko SakanoLarry ScaturroSymaSkeffington ThomasSkeffington ThomasSkeffington ThomasMarsha TrattnerMarsha TrattnerMarsha TrattnerJacqueline WilloughbyMing Yuen-SchatMing Yuen-Schat