Sal Cataldi / Rome 56 – Saturday, September 24, 1:30 PM

Saturday, September 24
1:30 PM

Sal Cataldi / Rome 56

Sal Catadi-Rome 56

Time Out New York writes, “Cataldi’s largely instrumental, Eastern influenced jams are infused with some delicate guitar work and
hauntingly moody atmosphere,” while The New York Times proclaims that Cataldi has “a beat unmistakably his own.”


When in the morning I’m woken up by a melody in my head – which happens about every morning – it’s very often an Arthur Lamonica song. That is the risk you willfully run when you listen to his contagious songs, regardless if it’s Mashville or any of the previous Rome 56 CDs. With Arthur Lamonica the Song is King, and he is a most valiant servant.

Wouter Meijer – Amsterdam