2nd Annual Juried Smart Device Show


September 27 – October 26, 2014
An international juried competition that celebrated imagination and creativity utilizing
emerging app’s, software, gadgets and technologies available on smart
phones & smart devices with $1500 in cash prizes.

2nd Annual Juried Smart Device Show 2014 Winners:

Categories Included:
Hipstamatic: Use of any combination of lens, films, multiple exposure in one of the most
popular mobile photography apps on the market. (no tweaking with other apps).
Realistic B&W: What if Ansel Adams or Irving Penn owned an iPhone, this is where classic
photography and new technology meet.
Realistic Color: Really? You took that with a camera phone? Be bold, be colorful but realism
is the rule.
Grunge: Filters and textures rule, from vintage to steampunk.
Toy Camera: Shots taken with apps that remind us of cheap plastic lens cameras, who
doesn’t love a good light leak. Apps include: Plastica, Pudding Cam, Retro Camera, LoMob,
Classic Toy or any filter app that recreates the look.
App-tastic: Using multiple apps to create your own artistic vision, from filters apps to
blending apps to working with layers, just go for it. (4 app minimum)
Digital Art: Oil Painting, Pastels, Pencil Sketching Cartoons, even Japanese Ink Block there’s
an app for that including drawing apps like Sketchbook where you can let your imagination
fly, no camera required.
HDR: Whether subtle or full blown HDR apps abound on the mobile platform.
Panoramas: Part of the iPhone native camera App, now there are many apps across all the
mobile platforms to stitch great panoramas.
One Shot Wonder Apps: Apps that do ONE thing really well like Tiny Planets, Pixel Twister,
Water My Photo, Loom.